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How we teach it

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

(UN Sustainable Development Goal #11)


Corazón teaches Sustainability, leading by example.  We have reduced our carbon footprint with solar energy and green spaces, by teaching children and youth to reuse and repurpose donated items, plant their own food and produce their own eco-cleaning products.  We empower children and youth by equipping them with the tools, skills and practical experience necessary to become self-reliant while at the same time increasing the sustainability of our Mission. We are raising leaders with a conscience, able to create, promote and sell items they have produced while reducing our carbon footprint!  We have embraced UN Sustainable Development Goals and made them a fundamental component of the K-12 Curriculum and daily life at Corazón!  Our Curriculum is designed so that every month is dedicated to one of the goals and all subjects integrate the topic into their activities in some way.


Environmental Studies...

To overcome environmental crises, we all have to contribute.

(David Suzuki)

Our goal is to instill a passion for the environment and all that is GREEN so we recycle and  reuse, compost and plant our own food and produce our own eco-cleaning and personal hygiene/beauty products.   In the early years we sold donated household items and clothing we could not ourselves use.  Environmental Studies help kids understand why conservation is important and provides them with the building blocks they need to live eco-friendly and sustainable lives.

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We raise awareness, encouraging critical thinking & analysis, which intrinsically raises changemakers!

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In 2016, Corazon Verde marked the beginning of a quest to make a significant dent in our electrical bill that had increased to $90,000+ pesos.  With the help of individuals committed to clean, renewable energy, costs have been reduced by 90%.  The most recent addition of panels, photo below, were donated by a local group – Vive Solar - whose owner heard about our Sustainability and Youth Empowerment Programs and chose to donate 24 panels to Corazón, bringing our total number of panels up to over 100!


Thanks to all of you who have shared the vision and eliminated our electrical bill!



2017 - Corazón launched a Corazón Verde Project

Special thanks to US Coast Guard and Crew of 80+ who literally jumped on board, participating in a Humanitarian Aid Mission installing green areas at Corazón de Niña's Sanctuary. 

All of which has provided solar protection, oxygen and good energy for so our community!

Over the years, we have embraced opportunities to empower by teaching our children to be creative and resourceful repurposing donated items, planting, cooking, baking and producing our own products to sell... all of this leads to economic independence, personal development, achievement of goals, self-esteem and autonomy, changing the cycle.

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