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Community Outreach

In every natural and/or social emergency, the first affected are children, being the most vulnerable beings at any time, who can suffer from violence, illness or malnutrition. With your  help, we are restoring hope, providing food and clothing, rebuilding homes, providing quality education and promoting an environment of peace in communities often overlooked. 

Feeding Families

Corazón distributes food weekly to disadvantaged communities. In the wake of a disaster, the need intensifies.  Now, more than ever, we need your help.  Monetary or in-kind donations of beans, rice, oatmeal, vegetables, fruit, formula, medical supplies, etc. are all welcome!  For more information please contact us!


Rebuilding Homes

Corazón's commitment to the children and families of the communities we support is unrelenting.  These children had just started back to school in September when a hurricane destroyed their homes,  leaving them without shelter, beds, food, crops...  your donations enable us to provide much-needed building supplies!

Restoring Hope

Every week we distribute food, clothing and medical supplies to an ever-growing list of families.  All have a proven need, many live on the side of mountains, in vacant lots, under trees with plastic sheets for roofs or inside structures made of carton and other recycled material with no running water or electricity.  With your help, we are restoring hope providing basic needs.

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