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Charlene Bailey-Crowe

"La amistad sincera es un alma repartida en dos cuerpos."

Sincere friendship is a soul shared by two bodies

One of Char's favorite Mexican proverbs

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I came to visit Corazon de Nina for the first time at one of their open to the public breakfasts, due to an invitation from a GEM member. My heart skipped a beat the minute the children sang their song and I wanted to be a part of this home to help in any way I could. I am only in Puerto Vallarta for 2 ½ months in the winter which doesn’t seem like enough time to make a difference. In 2019, I became a GEM and vowed the next year I would volunteer in any way possible. In Jan 2020, I was able to visit with 5 boys on Saturdays during visitors day. The boys were asked to speak in English so they would hear and learn more English words and know how to use the words in a sentence. We brought up many topics; especially ones that would interest guys... READ MORE

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