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1.            How and when did you begin the Foundation?

In March of 2012 we took in the first of 13 girls who came from a nearby orphanage that was shut down by State Police.

2.            How many children do you have (boys and girls)?

Our numbers fluctuate between 60-100, 50% girls and 50%boys ranging in age from 5 -24 years old.

3.            Do you receive any government help?


4.            How are the children brought here?

By Government (Child Services - DIF), Police (when crimes have been reported) and/or Family members who are unable to provide due to addictions, abuse or poverty.  Children come mainly from Puerto Vallarta but also from many other municipalities in Jalisco and Nayarit. 

5.            What kind of school do they go to?

We have our own school in-house called CORAZON SCHOOL.  Our Program is a K-12 and Waldorf-inspired and personalized and includes Math, Science, History, Geography, Spanish, English, Environmental Studies, Ethics, Faith, Culinary Arts, Music, Art, Sewing, Physical Education and Drama.

6.            Do the children learn English?

In grades K-12 we offer an online English Program.  After Grade 12, students complete a 12-month University English Program at Proulex (University of Guadalajara PV Campus). 

7.            Do any of the children go to college or university?

Yes, if they stay the course, we currently have 11 in University.

8.            How do you fund educational costs?

We look for sponsors and raise money through events and Boutique donations.

9.            What Projects/Programs can we donate to?

Student Housing, Corazon School Construction, Solar Energy, Music, Art, Science

10.          What can we buy for the house?

We have both Costco and Amazon Wishlists.

11.          When can the children leave the house?

When they are either 18 years old or ready to go or if family members decide to take them back.  Meanwhile our young adults are a fundamental part of our team and the future of the Foundation.

12.          When do you take a break or get away?

When we are able.  Being that we are not an average family, ‘getting away’ is a challenge.

13.          What is the best way to help financially?

There are four main ways: 

1.            Give Monthly (Become a GEM)

2.            Give Annually

3.            Sponsor a Child

4.            Sponsor a Project

*Ask Melissa for help on all of these.

14.  Are you able to provide tax receipts?

Yes, we are able to provide tax receipts for American, Canadian and Mexican Citizens.

15.          Do you accept credit cards?


16.          Are there volunteer opportunities at CORAZON?

                Yes, please just ask us for more information.

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