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Some say the Universe makes better choices for us than we could have made for ourselves...

The greatest love story of all...

One of our founders, Melissa Canez, tells the story of volunteering at a small Puerto Vallarta orphanage for girls in 2011...  she mentions walking through the door and seeing a “sea of angels” gathering around her.  She knew she wanted to help but wasn’t sure how.  Over the next nine months, Melissa volunteered as an English and Recreation teacher until the orphanage faced being shut down by authorities in June, 2012.  The girls were to be displaced as there was no other option in the area for teenage girls.  On the request of all 13 girls, State and Municipal Child Protection Agents contacted Melissa to ask for help, if even temporarily.  With the support of Melissa’s and husband Juan’s families, they were able to open their home to all thirteen girls.  The name, 'Corazón de Niña' was chosen by Juan who said the heart of a little girl is pure and unconditional love.  She recalls the day the girls arrived...

The day the girls ran through our front door, I couldn't feel my legs, realizing the magnitude of the responsibility.

All they brought with them that day was a small backpack with an oversized green towel inside.  The promise of clothes, shoes, monthly funding, never materialized and reality soon set in.  Faith has made this possible, knowing that we are never alone, He is always here and all we have to do is put our hands up and that beautiful energy flows in summoning angels hard at work giving us the strength to carry on, against all odds.


Over the years, the family has grown and the home has grown with it, thanks to the support of loyal sponsors who share the vision. What was once a two-bedroom rancher purchased by Melissa´s mother Sandra as a retirement get-away, is now a three-level home with room for 100 children, classrooms on the upper floor and living space in between.  Plans for the future include completion of student housing for university students in Corazón’s Scholarship Program, a Green School and Cultural Center for Corazon´s children, youth and members of the surrounding community. 


With your help, we continue to change the course of history... one child at a time.



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