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April 2024

Focus on Sustainability

Unplugging for Learning: The Green School Advantage

This month, we're excited to unveil our new Green School location! Here, children have the opportunity to learn in a vibrant outdoor learning environment.

Imagine trading classrooms for meadows surrounded by trees, and walls for fresh air.

That's the Green School experience!

Surrounded by nature... children

  • Connect with the environment: They learn firsthand about the natural world, from the fascinating ecosystems to the soon-to-be vegetable garden they'll help cultivate.

  • Embrace open-air learning: Free from the confines of classrooms, children explore, experiment, and discover with a newfound sense of freedom.

  • Benefit from a healthy environment: Fresh air, sunshine, and interaction with plants and animals all contribute to a stimulating and healthy learning space.

The Green School isn't just about replacing textbooks with trees, it's about fostering a love for the natural world and the responsibility to care for it.

Adventures Await: Exploring the Ranch

The Green School takes place on a beautiful working ranch! This unique environment offers a wealth of experiences that complement the open-air learning:

  • Animal Encounters:  Our students are learning about animal care firsthand through interactions with chickens and turkeys providing fresh eggs, horses for horseback riding, equine therapy and even a friendly pet pig!

  • Nature's Bounty: The ranch boasts a variety of fruit trees, offering a delicious connection to the natural world.

  • Growing Together:  A vegetable garden is coming soon, providing a hands-on opportunity for the students to learn about Sustainability and the importance of growing their own food.

Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting experiences unfolding at our Green School!

Growing a Greener Future: Neem Benefits and Sustainability at Corazón de Nina

Fundación Corazón de Niña is committed to not only caring for our children's well-being but also for the health of our planet. This month, we'd like to introduce you to Neem, a remarkable tree with a long history in Mexico. The Neem tree, native to India and Southeast Asia, was brought to Mexico centuries ago. Known for its adaptibility to thrive in warm climates, Neem boasts a rich history of medicinal and agricultural uses. Its leaves, bark, and oil contain a compound called azadirachtin, which cures some forms of cancer, repels insects and has natural fungicidal properties. The leaves have strong antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits. Traditionally, Neem has been used in Mexico for everything from cancer and acne prevention and treatment to pest control and lice treatment.

Here at Corazón de Nina, we've embraced the potential of Neem by incorporating it into our Sustainability Program. Our children, under the guidance of our staff, participate in the harvest and processing of Neem leaves. These leaves are then carefully transformed into a variety of beneficial products. Not only does this provide valuable skills and a sense of accomplishment for our children, but it also allows us to explore the potential of creating natural solutions that benefit our community and the environment. By learning about and working with Neem, our children are contributing to a greener future, one leaf at a time.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to our neighbor Eva for her kindness and friendship. Her willingness to share her neem tree and participate in the harvest with our children is truly special. It allows our children to connect with nature, contribute to our mission, and create a lasting bond with a dear member of our community.

Spotlight On: John and Alexandra

We are John and Alexandra and we've been teachers here at Corazon since September 2023. We became supporters of Fundacion Corazon de Nina in 2021. Before that, we had worked for non-profits in Canada and had taught English abroad. We were drawn to the work done at the foundation and are fortunate to be part of such a fruitful endeavor.

We consider it an amazing opportunity to help abused and neglected children. But what separates it from other organizations is how Corazon goes above and beyond education and basic needs. The opportunities to play sports, ride horses, paint, make crafts, learn to cook and bake, grow a garden, learn robotics and programming, build projects with tools and so on is so important to us. We're not just taking children out of bad situations and keeping them safe, we're also enriching their lives in a profound way.

Most children that come here are iliterate and it is amazing to work with them firsthand and see them learn and grow. There are children with special needs, develepmental delays and behavioural issues that present unique challenges. Corazon is able to be flexible and realize the potential of each child. We are overjoyed to get to know all of them and see their personalities shine.

Particularly for us teaching English, it's been extremely rewarding to see incredible progress. Not just academically, but with students being shy, lacking confidence or embarrassed to try to speak in class and seeing them flourish. Learning a second language is challenging for anybody. Seeing these children with unique histories overcoming barriers and really enjoying classes is humbling and gives us great hope for their future.

Building Equality: Breaking Down Gender Barriers at Corazón de Nina

At Corazón de Nina, we believe in fostering a culture of respect and equality for all our children. One way we achieve this is by breaking down traditional gender stereotypes when it comes to learning and chores. In our secondary school program, both boys and girls receive instruction in using tools. This equips them with valuable life skills, allowing them to tackle repairs, build simple furniture, and gain confidence in their abilities.

The kitchen is another space where we challenge traditional roles. Here, boys and girls take on various culinary tasks, learning to prepare nutritious meals and contribute to the daily running of our foundation. This rotating system fosters teamwork, communication, and a sense of shared responsibility. More importantly, it teaches our children that essential life skills are not defined by gender.

By creating a learning environment that celebrates equality, we empower our children to challenge limitations based on gender. They graduate from Corazón de Nina with the confidence and skills to succeed in any path they choose, reaching their full potential  unrestricted by outdated ideas. This not only benefits them as individuals but also paves the way for a more just and equitable future for our community.

Fundación Corazon de Nina's Robotics Team Gears Up for ROBORAVE Nationals!

At Fundación Corazon de Nina, we're passionate about providing innovative educational opportunities for our children. Our robotics program is a prime example, where students delve into the exciting world of robots!

Here, they learn the fundamentals of Robotics, from operating the machines to programming them to navigate specific courses. Their dedication and hard work have been truly inspiring!

Our robotics teams haven't just been learning in the classroom – they've also been putting their skills to the test in tournaments! Their performance has been phenomenal, and they're now gearing up to compete in the National ROBORAVE Championship Competition in just a couple of months - this time with two teams - one girls and the other boys!

State Champion Competition 2023 (We came in 6th Place out of 15 teams)

We are incredibly proud of everything they've accomplished and can't wait to see them shine at the upcoming Competition! If you'd like to learn more about Corazón's Robotics Program, please don't contact us.

A Bond Beyond the Saddle: Equine Therapy at Corazón de Niña

Through groundwork activities and riding exercises, equine therapy fosters trust, communication, and emotional regulation in our youth. The calming presence of horses creates a safe space for self-expression and teaches valuable skills like empathy and responsibility.

At Fundación Corazón de Niña, Equine Therapy isn't just about riding. It's about fostering a deep connection with horses that goes far beyond the saddle. Our children learn responsibility and compassion through daily chores like brushing, feeding, and cleaning stalls. These tasks become more than just work; they're opportunities to build trust with the horses, develop communication skills, and experience the satisfaction of accomplishment. The lessons learned caring for these gentle giants translate into valuable life skills that empower our youth to face challenges and build brighter futures.

A Heart of Gold: Thank You Steph!

For many years, Steph has been a loyal supporter and volunteer at Fundación Corazon de Nina, bringing not just creativity, but a genuine warmth to our children's lives. We want to express our sincere gratitude for her unwavering dedication and look forward to her return!

Steph shares time, talent and skill leading jewelry-making workshops for Secondary Students at Corazón. The children have absolutely loved spending time with her, learning this fun and expressive skill and how to market their wares! Their laughter and bright creations are a testament to the positive impact Steph has had on our Foundation.

We are incredibly grateful for Steph's commitment to our Mission. Her kindness and positive energy have truly made a difference.

Thank you, Steph! You have a heart of gold!

Peer Learning with Minerva!

Benefits of Peer Learning in the classroom: creates environments where knowledge is constructed collaboratively, enhancing the learning experience for everyone involved.

Corazón's Educational Program is getting a boost with Peer Learning! This month, Science enthusiast Minerva has been sharing her knowledge through a series of fun, hands-on chemistry experiments. These activities are a chance for the children to learn from each other, explore scientific concepts in a way that's both fun and engaging, and work together to see science in action. Get ready for a semester filled with curiosity and discovery!

Stay tuned for next month's experiments!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining us !

As you learned in this newsletter, Corazón's Green School provides a vital safe space and nurturing environment in which students heal, learn and thrive. Your continued support will help us create further infrastructure for our Program, thereby ensuring a brighter future for underprivileged children who deserve a second chance.

To donate, please visit us at

As a Foundation, we are always striving to improve and grow. If you have any feedback on this newsletter or Fundación Corazón de Niña we'd love to hear from you! What would you like to see in the newsletter, more stories or information on programs? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Thank you again for your compassion and support!

Corazón Family

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