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Back to school 2023

Tapestry of Hope

Our first Neem harvest!

Planting seeds for the future with Maestra Rocío!

Preparing for government Exams with Maestra Lessly!

Literacy with Maestro Lalo!

Real and positive change...

Corazón continues to make real and positive change for some of Mexico's most vulnerable children and youth who deserve a second chance. Some are orphaned or abandoned, others victims of abuse and exploitation - all want the opportunity to learn, play, create and excel, like any other child.

Let them know you care by making a one-time donation

of $300usd /student

providing basic school supplies, books, footwear and uniform, math & reading enrichment materials, art supplies, english language materials, yoga mat and water bottle



Corazón supports disadvantaged Mexican children and youth by offering a variety of inclusive Educational Programs designed to meet students' individual needs.

Successful inclusive education happens primarily through accepting, understanding, and attending to student differences and diversity, which can include physical, cognitive, academic, social, and emotional challenges, in many of our cases due to a combination of Traumas, Malnourishment, Negligence, Abuse, and resulting PTSDs and/or FASDs.

When given the chance, children and youth with disabilities, disorders and diseases, youth in recovery from addictions, all advance with access to a quality Holistic Education. Our integrated approach enables us to empower by teaching Sustainability, Humanities and Leadership while strengthening Spirituality through a greater connection with Nature. Global Awareness and Collective Conscience.

For over a decade, with your support, we have helped over 300 children and youth reach their full potential by making education our priority!

Graduates from our educational program live independently and are employed in different fields such as law, administration, renewable energy, sales, education, tourism, automotive, retail and more. With the skills they acquire and the contacts they make over the years, participating in the many experiences provided, so many doors are opened and the possibilities virtually endless!

Our priority is for students feel safe and welcomed, valued, appropriately challenged and supported during their personal and academic development and transformation. Corazón's students receive personalized support in a Green Educational Program offering wall-less classrooms with low teacher-student ratios, ensuring each child is able to advance at their own pace, motivated by the enrichment they receive to further their whole development.

Karen, 18 years old

Off to a Career in Nursing!

One child at a time...

Our Educational Program is progressive and student-centered. Many of our young people arrive illiterate and/or years behind in their academic and personal development. All have traumas they need to overcome which means a traditional classroom setting is not an option.

Our very own holistic, integrated approach that deals with students individual needs in a bully-free environment with classmates and teachers who readily welcome new students, providing an eco-centric learning experience shifting the focus from the past to a bright future.

We build self-esteem, faith, confidence and values through practical life experiences that teach sustainable development, environmental studies and community outreach, encouraging students to think globally and act locally.

Two Main Educational Programs:


Boarding Program (24/7)

Children live in a permanent residence, each with their own bed and basic needs met, as well as any additional physical and/or socio-emotional support they may need. Attending Corazón's K-12 Educational Program with in-house teachers providing quality, personalized, compassionate education, allows students who have additional needs and/or learning differences, to advance at their own pace.

Club de Campeones

Day School (7am-7pm)

Corazón's K-12 Day School and after School Program (Math and Reading Enrichment, Art, Music and Robotics and English Languaget Instruction) for children living with family members who are unable to care for them during the day. ensuring they attend school, eat three meals a day and receive the academic and moral support they need to excel.

Back to School

is just around the corner

the following children and youth

still require sponsorship:

Mailen, 5 years old

Azul, 5 years old

Dayanna, 6 years old

Tamara, 6 years old

Rosario, 6 years old

You Can Help!

our donation will help provide a child with the resources needed to sustain their education for as little as


Sponsor one or more of our students or programs.


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