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Happy New Year from Corazón!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Sending you all warm wishes for a phenomenal 2023!

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our very festive end to 2022.

Yet another year of health, growth, transformation, healing, enlightenment, success and

so many blessings!

Special thanks to our ever-growing Corazón Community who show their love and support of Corazón's Scholarship Program, by hosting events, empowering local youth with opportunities for academic advancement, apprenticeships, internships and employment!

Annual Fashion Show at El Dorado

Special thanks to Renee, Alberto, Sofia & Grupo La Palapa & Kim Kuzma!

November 26

Día de Muertos Sierra del Mar

Special thanks to Milo Aguilar, Comite de areas comunes de Sierra del Mar, INNOVA Gourmet, BEVA Mixologists, Chefs Anonymous, Chic Nic, Regina Crowly and Karina Muro!!!

November 29

Café Des Artistes 32 Anniversary!

Thank you Thierry y Rosee!

December 15


Old Town Market

Corazón's youth are back aty the Old Town Market every Saturday from 9-2pm

Corazón Bakery

Our most recent Youth Empowerment Iniciative provides Scholarships and Employment for two young people! Special thanks to Angels Charlene Bailey-Crow and Holly Wilson, whose love, generosity, inspiration and commitment have made this possible!

Thanks also to all of you who place your orders each week helping us keep this dream alive!

A big hit this Holiday Season...

Baking is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

Cakes, scones, tarts, cookies, squares, rolls and more!

Home Delivery Available

Humanitarian Tours are back!

Join us every Wednesday at 10am. Don't forget to RSVP!

Christmas 2022

A delightful holiday season was had by all, with five newcomers who celebrated their

first Christmas ever!

Every year the children of Corazón School spend weeks rehearsing for their favorite event - the Christmas POSADA! The Pastorela is a chance for everyone to showcase acting and singing in a Nativity Play Presentation. Truly a wonderful display of faith, hope, love, joy, magic and excitement! We love Christmas at Corazón and can´t that you all enough for making it possible year after year. All set design and costumes are created inhouse by students and teachers which in iteself is such a joy to watch!

The Angels win!!!

Christmas morning!

We are so blessed!


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